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Chef Kate

See what her clients are saying about her recipes! 


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

"Chef Kate did an exceptional job cooking for me during my stay on the Gold Coast, Australia. Her ability to accommodate last minutes changes while continuously delivering in a timely manner proved essential in helping to maintain the look of my character. Despite handling a complex and evolving diet, Chef Kate never failed to exceed my expectations."


“Kate is a wonderful and innovative chef. She can prepare anything from comfort food to low-cal and it all tastes delicious. Her meals are inspiring and I'm so glad I had the pleasure of having her cook in my home.”

Nick Offerman 


Megan Mullally

“Kate’s food hornswoggles us into thinking we’re eating hot dogs and pizza, while we are actually losing weight and getting all of our vitamins and healthy goodness!”


“Kate’s food is always delicious while also being healthy and organic. She makes everything feel like a home cooked meal while being gourmet. She is also a light to be around which makes the food even more fantastic because you know it’s infused with love.”


“Kate is a great chef and I have always been very happy with her creative meals and warm personality. I would certainly recommend her to anyone.”


“I really enjoy Chef Kate’s creative cooking and love the fact she uses fresh, local produce and organic ingredients in her dishes” (….she also wants to say you are a fabulous lady!)

David Arquette

“Kate has the best heart and it translates into the beautifully delicious food we have the pleasure of her cooking for us.”


"Love, love, love, Chef Kates healthy, tasty and easy to make highly nutritious recipes."


“Chef Kate’s Blondies are the best I’ve ever had! They are so moist and delicious they never last very long in our home.”

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